Theorist: John Dewey


Theory: Constructivism

Timeline: 1859 – 1952


"Learning by Doing- Learning occurs through experience".

Functional Psychology

Psychology with a "practical emphasis on action and application".

Pragmatacism/ Instrumentalism

Value is "a function not of whim nor purely of social construction, but a quality situated in events".

Learning Transfer:

Many learners find that learning by physically performing the task or action related to the learning objective is the best way for them to have the learning transfer, to be able to then apply what they were able to gain actual experience doing themselves outside of the classroom environment and promotes their ability to apply their learning under different circumstances and facing alternate factors affecting their performance of the principle(s) taught.

Major Works:

Dewey, J. (1916) Democracy and Education. An introduction to the philosophy of education (1966 ed.), New York: Free Press.Dewey, J. (1933) How We Think. A restatement of the relation of reflective thinking to the educative process (Revised ed.), Boston: D.C. Heath.Dewey, J. (1938) Experience and Education, New York: Collier Books. (Collier edition first published 1963).Dewey, J. (1929) Experience and Nature, New York: Dover. (Dover edition first published in 1958).

Dewey's Complete Writings is available in 3 multi-volume sets (37 volumes in all) from Southern Illinois University Press:
  • The Early Works: 1892-1898 (5 volumes)
  • The Middle Works: 1899-1924 (15 volumes)
  • The Later Works: 1925-1953 (17 volumes)
  • Posthumous Works: 1956-2009